More than 2 million Females are deprived of attaining primary education in Pakistan moreover the ratio of females is higher compared to males, the taboos which Pakistani culture is surrounded by is also a factor that discourages females to acquire education as males are positioned to be more valued and the future bread earners for the family. Al-Falah is a platform which connects experienced females possessing a certain background in education to females who are deprived of education in underprivileged and taboo dominated areas of Pakistan via Technology.

We recruit SHEroes (experienced females) who are sitting at home and are unable to pursue their career due to constraints, limitation or family pressure showcase them and provide them a stage to deliver and pursue their teaching career by sitting at home and teaching a class via technology. As male dominated societies we live in, Al-Falah also encourages working females to earn extra money by dedicating an hour and get paid per session. It aims to uplift females to be equally placed and positioned like a male as nothing is impossible for a SHEro.

We encourage top MNCs as well as SMEs to participate and even be the front face in promoting their brands and uplifting their product via branding the drive in areas where they are manufacturing setup and distribution is present and are quality education deprived areas (Rural areas). We either use the facility of the MNCs or SMEs or encourage females deprived of education present in the 10km radius to come to their facility and shape a class room in their facility and we connect them to our SHEro and conduct sessions for the class through technology. This is possible when the MNC/SME takes us in confidence and sponsors the drive as well as provide their facility space to shape a class of maximum 25 students. Another possibility we have carved out for individual’s at home to participate into this drive is by encouraging and sponsoring their domestic staff and involving the staff of their kids into this program the Angel guardian sponsors the education of the kids, The app gets downloaded onto the staffs smartphone if they do not possess it they use the Angel guardians phone and internet at their venue as the domestic staff works out the daily chores and till the time they are done the kid acquires educational session in that time frame.